HYKOM was founded in 2007 by the present director Thomas Obrst, after a long-term career in the hydraulic
industry. From this long-standing activity the core business of HYKOM developed – Everything hydraulic,
focusing on hydraulic tanks. During many years of experience, Thomas Obrst has gathered a great amout of
Thanks to our flexible business model and adaptability on arising market conditions, HYKOM steadily overcame
the most recent economic crisis at the end of the last decade.
At this stage HYKOM developed a second mainstay. Gradually taking on projects incorporating the supply of
welded parts and drawing parts of steel, high-grade steel and aluminium. Including off-shore projects as well
as serial orders for mechanical engeneering companies. These busniness activities have been increased most
recently. Meanwhile HYKOM can offer a broad supplier base for various requests and orders.